Some of the Most Famous People from Columbus, Ohio



Although Columbus isn’t the largest city in Ohio, it’s home to a number of well-known people. From successful actors to famous musicians, there are plenty of celebrities that came from this area. These are a few famous people from Columbus, Ohio that you might be familiar with.



All kinds of actors hail from Columbus OH. One of the most famous actresses from Columbus is Beverly D’Angelo, who is well-known for her appearances in the National Lampoon films. Josh Radnor, who starred on “How I Met Your Mother,” is also from Columbus.

Of course, not all of the actors from Columbus are current stars. Many stars from the past also hailed from Columbus. A great example of this is Gene Sheldon, who played Zorro on the beloved Disney television show.


Columbus has a thriving local music scene, so it should be of no surprise that a number of Columbus music acts went on to fame. Rapper Bow Wow was born in Columbus. The alternative rock act Twenty-One Pilots in one of the most successful musical acts from Columbus currently.

There are also many older musicians that came from Columbus. One example of this is Harold “Sweets” Edison, who was a legendary jazz trumpeter. Jazz saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk was born and raised in the city of Columbus.


As you might expect, there is no shortage of athletes from Columbus. Professional golfer Ben Curtis is from Columbus, as is a heavyweight boxing champion, Buster Douglas. Nate Ebner, Joe Cooper, and Russ Campbell are just a few of the many football stars from Columbus.

There are also plenty of Olympic athletes that are from Columbus. Examples include four-time gold medalist Jesse Owens and Louie Vito, who was on the 2010 US Snowboarding Team. Vito also won multiple gold medals at the X-games.

Other Stars

There are plenty of other famous people from the Columbus area. Some examples include Dave Thomas, who founded the famous Wendy’s restaurant chain, and Lois McMaster Bujold, a well-known science fiction writer. Food Network star Guy Fieri is from Columbus as well, as is Ted Williams, one of the best-known voiceover artists in the United States.

These are just some of the more famous people from Columbus, Ohio. It’s likely that, as time goes on, there will be many more celebrities that come out of Ohio. A lot of Columbus residents have big dreams and even bigger talent.